Ministry of Works

Often referred to as the MoW, The Ministry of Works was first founded in 1876 as the Department of Public Works. Later, in 1948, it would be retitled the Ministry of Works and in 1974 as the Ministry of Works and Development. Beginning in 1984, the various departments of the MoW were divided off and privatised. The Ministry itself was disestablished through the Ministry of Works and Development Abolition Act 1988. Now former sections of the MoW compete for government work alongside other private companies.

Over these years (1876-1984) the MoW was responsible for most major construction work in Aotearoa including: roads, railways, public housing, institutional buildings and power stations.

Through the post-war period two Government Architects working within the MoW, Gordon Wilson (in office 1952-1959) and Fergus Sheppard (in office 1958-1971), are recognised for their influential support of Modern craft, design and art, commissioning numerous public art works for state funded projects.

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John Drawbridge, Untitled [Beehive Mural] (1975), New Zealand Parliament Pāremata Aotearoa, Te Whanganui-a-Tara Wellington

Image courtesy of Parliamentary Service.