Haughton, Son & Mair

Haughton, Son & Mair had emerged out of Crichton and McKay, one of Wellington’s oldest and most enduring practices. Crichton and McKay had been formed in 1901, and when long time staff member Vivian Haughton was made a partner in 1923, their name changed to Crichton, McKay and Haughton. Despite the departures of Crichton and McKay by the late 1920s, the firm was not renamed to Haughton, Son & Mair until 1946.

As Haughton, Son & Mair the firm designed the Khandallah Presbyterian Church, home to E. Mervyn Taylor's 'The Ascension of Christ' (1959).

Later they operated as Haugton & Mair, notably completing Anvil House (138 Wakefield Street, Wellington, 1951) and CIT Campus (Heretaunga,1965-1972). Much later the firm became Bulleyment Fortune Architects (BFA) and continued to operate until 2018, when the remaining staff joined McKenzie Higham Architects.

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E. Mervyn Taylor, 'The Ascension of Christ' (1959). Sand-blasted glass window, Khandallah Presbyterian Church.

Image: Shaun Waugh, 2017.