Joy of Living


Llew Summers



  • Sculpture


  • Concrete


  • H2200 x W1800mm

Llew Summers, ‘Joy of Living’ (1992), Lincoln University, Canterbury.

Image: Fiona Simpson, Art Curator, Lincoln University, 2021.


"In 1992, Lincoln University’s art committee commissioned well-known Canterbury artist Llew Summers to create this sculpture for the campus. The work is cast in concrete and in tune with his style of larger than life, curvaceous forms. Aptly titled, the sculpture depicts a man playfully hoisting a woman over his shoulder 'celebrating the joy of living,' according to Llew. At once the work appears heavy but there is also a vibrant sense of movement and vitality about it. For a work imbued with humanity and exuberance, it is a favourite on campus.

'Joy of Living' recently underwent a meticulous conservation process. The many original layers of paint were removed, and the original surface exposed. A special pigment-enhanced sealer was then applied to Llew’s specifications and the result has returned the sculpture to its former glory. 

Since his first exhibition held in 1971, Llew’s works can be found in many public and private collections around New Zealand. This sculpture is one of three in [the Lincoln University art] collection."

The sculpture was moved in 2017 moved from its original location near the now demolished Hilgendorf Wing, to a site near the Library.