Guy Ngan

Hidden (private location)


  • Wall Mounted Sculpture


  • Aluminium


  • H2940 x W2120 x D70mm

Guy Ngan’s 'Seascape' wall sculpture displayed in the main hall from 'Assorted interior images, Wool House, Wellington,' 5 September 1983, by Stephenson & Turner Ltd.

Reproduced with permission of Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, N.Z. (PAColl-9842-07-18)


'Seascape' is an abstract work made out of 19 panels of cast aluminium. Originally installed in the New Zealand Wool Board building known as “Wool House” in Wellington’s CBD, the work was removed into storage. Some years later, architect Ron Sang acquired the piece and relocated it to his home in Epsom, Auckland, where it remains.

The work was featured on the cover of Guy Ngan's Scrapbook Number One, published by Ron Sang in 2010.