Lynda Harris

Lynda Harris began working in clay in 1975 and become a fulltime potter in 1984. She lived in the Waikato and specialised in raku ceramics.

"Her interest in New Zealand native birds has inspired her to find ways to depict them in clay. She has always enjoyed drawing and painting, and now paints bird images onto clay in an impressionistic manner that retains the essence of the birds.

Moving close to a Northland inlet in 2016 and setting up a studio overlooking the water has opened opportunities for Lynda to engage in many wonderful experiences of the local wildlife. She is surrounded by a native reserve full of birds and can watch the sea birds diving for fish over the inlet. Kiwi calling at night right outside the house is an added privilege.

Lynda has exhibited throughout galleries around New Zealand and has taught others during her career."

~ quoted from Kina Art Space.

Lynda Harris, ‘Untitled [Central Library Entrance Pillars]’ (1993) [detail: Kereru], Garden Place, Kirikiriroa Hamilton

Images: Bronwyn Holloway-Smith, Public Art Heritage Aotearoa New Zealand, 2022