Esther Belliss

b. 1926d. 2002

Also known as:

  • Isabel Esther Belliss

Born in the Masterton District, Esther Belliss studied art in England in the 1940s and then worked as both an art teacher and sculptor.

Belliss was included in Profile of Australian Women Sculptors 1860 - 1960, researched and written by Bonita Ely and Anna Sande for the Women's Art Register Extension Project. This project was exhibited with slides at the 1978 Mildura Sculpture Triennial.

Notes from Masterton District Council suggest: "At some point Belliss moved to Australia where she became a recognised sculptor whose particular emphasis was on sculptures of horses (she was also a keen equestrian).

She left a bequest to her local regional arts centre for the provision of a prize for children from the community, which has been awarded annually since 2008."

Though Belliss passed away in New South Wales (Australia) it appears that her remains were returned to Tinui Cemetery, Masterton, for burial. (Memorial ID: 190985506)

Note: some newspaper sources list Belliss with just one 's'.

Esther Belliss, ‘War Memorial Mosaic’ (1960s), War Memorial Stadium Hall of Memories, Whakaoriori Masterton

Image: Bronwyn Holloway-Smith, Public Art Heritage Aotearoa New Zealand, 2021