Beyond Horizontal


Suzy Pennington



  • Textile Work


  • Cotton
  • Canvas
  • Dye (unspecified)


  • H2140 x W1160mm

Suzy Pennington, 'Beyond Horizontal' (1984), University of Auckland, Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland

Image: Bronwyn Holloway-Smith, Public Art Heritage Aotearoa New Zealand, 2021


Of this work Stephen Ellis suggested: "The `challengers' are the most common type [of work in the collection curated for Building 206], and perhaps the healthiest. There are degrees of challenge, of which the quietest must be Suzy Pennington's. Pennington is a fibre-artist: her 'Beyond Horizontal' hanging is a subtle challenge to the efficiency of its surroundings."

This work is one of a number of works commissioned by Pat Hanly for each of the level foyers when Building 206 (originally Arts 1 Building) was built in 1984.

List of works in Building 206:

Level 1: n/a

Level 2: Claudia Pond Eyley, ‘Mount Eden Landscape’

Level 3: Carole Shepheard, ‘Four Directions’

Level 4: Terry Stringer, ‘Past in Perspective’; Carole Davis ‘ A Degree of Celebration’

Level 5: Philippa Blair, ‘Tree of Knowledge’; Susy Pennington, ‘Beyond Horizontal’

Level 6: Richard Killeen, ‘Appropriation’; Rob Taylor, ‘Lithic Link’

Level 7: Malcolm Harrison, Untitled

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