Creation of Language


Neale Blaymires



  • Window(s)


  • Glass
  • Crystal
  • Lead

Neale Blaymires, ‘Creation of Language’ (1989), Civic Arcade, Tauranga

Images: Bronwyn Holloway-Smith, Public Art Heritage Aotearoa New Zealand, 2022


"In the 1980s, Tauranga’s city centre was home to a number of artist studios, including artist collective Viewpoint Studio on Elizabeth Street (where Event Cinemas is now). Established by Steve Van Ronk and Marilyn Rea Menzies, the collective created stained glass, tapestry, furniture, and paintings.

When architect Ian Carter looked for art to be part of the construction of the new Tauranga City Council and Tauranga Library civic precinct, he selected two Viewpoint Studio designs - by artist Neale Blaymires.

Blaymires and fellow artist Paula Dennison, with help from other Viewpoint members, constructed the two designs. The first, 'Creation: From Chaos to Order' is above the Willow Street entrance...

The second window, aptly titled 'Creation of Language,' can be seen above the entrance to the library, embedded within the wall. A semicircle, this work is divided into three sections with distorted vowels floating across all three panels. A poutama (stairway to heaven) pattern, symbolising advancement and growth, sits at the base of the work.

Both windows were installed in 1989 as part of the opening of the Civic Arcade."

In 2022 the works were removed and put in storage due to their original site being demolished to make way for a new civic centre. Since then they have been installed at the temporary library, He Puna Manawa, on Devonport Road. As at June 2023 their future destination has not been decided, however the council is committed to them remaining on public display.

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