Water Sculpture


John Middleditch



  • Sculpture


  • Copper
  • Fountain/water feature mechanism


  • Approx. H3000 x W3000 x D3000mm

John Middleditch, ‘Water Sculpture’ (1980), Dunedin Public Hospital, CBD, Ōtepoti Dunedin

Image: Bronwyn Holloway-Smith, Public Art Heritage Aotearoa New Zealand, 2021


Commissioned by Dunedin artist Shona McFarlane to celebrate the opening of the Dunedin Hospital Ward Block. McFarlane had been engaged as an artistic advisor to suggest suitable artists for the various commissioned works for the Ward Block, on Stephenson and Turner's recommendation (due to her reputation as an architectural painter, writer and artist).

Work was donated by Arthur Barnett Ltd.

Sculpture was moved to the current location in an internal uncovered courtyard within the Hospital in 2001.

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