Untitled [St Paul's Cathedral windows]


John Hutton



  • Window(s)


  • Glass


  • Four windows remain: East window: H2530 x W1590mm; North-East window: H2530 x W1730mm; North-West window: H1730 x 1730mm; West window: H2530 x W1590mm

John Hutton, Untitled (1973), Cathedral of St Paul, Te Whanganui-a-Tara Wellington

Image: Bronwyn Holloway-Smith, Public Art Heritage Aotearoa New Zealand, 2022


Five engraved windows each depicting a pair of angels. The forms are elongated and angular, resembling counterparts in a installation of a work by Hutton in Coventry Cathedral. Only four windows remain (2022).

Each window funded by different organisations. Plaques read:

  • East window: Presented by the Women of the Cathedral
  • North-East window: Presented by John Hutton The Artist who designed and made these windows 1973
  • North-West window: Presented by the supreme council 33rd Degree Masonic Order (London) in memory of Lord Galway
  • West window: Presented by The Mothers’ Union

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