Untitled [ASB Devonport]


James Turkington



  • Mural


  • Paint

James Turkington, 'Untitled' (c.1968), ASB Savings Bank (former), Devonport, Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland

Images: Ken Davis


In a slippery inversion of space this mural is a composite image of the street outside the building in the 1900s. Devonport is a Victorian era seaside settlement. The building with three, round arched windows is not any building in particular, but evokes several still visible in the main street. The scene shows men working, a horse drawn transport, and middle class, suited office workers. In the background Mt Victoria (Takarunga) rises up while Rangitoto can be seen in the distance.

The mural has been painted directly onto the concrete wall surface.