Jasmin Licensed Chinese Restaurant


Guy Ngan



  • Interior design


  • Mixed Media

The Jasmin Licensed Restaurant, soon after it opened. Image: Guy Ngan

Guy Ngan, 'Jasmin Licensed Chinese Restaurant' (1983), CBD, Te Whanganui-a-Tara Wellington


During the early eighties Ngan completed the interior design and branding of the new Jasmin Licensed Chinese Restaurant. His creative contribution was extensive and included floor plans, designs for the restaurant’s brand/logo, interior décor (including colour scheme and furniture manufactured by Formway), silk-screen printed room divider panels, and a mixed-media painting diptych.

Sold by the original owner to a long-serving employee, the décor of the restaurant is still largely original. The paint & bamboo diptych was removed and remains in the possession of the family of the original owner.