Unknown [Automobile Association House]


Guy Ngan

Lost - whereabouts unknown


  • Wall Mounted Sculpture


  • Aluminium
  • Lighting


  • Approx. H14630mm / Area 46450mm2

Guy Ngan, 'Unknown [Automobile Association House]' (1971), Te Aro, Te Whanganui-a-Tara Wellington.

Source: Guy Ngan: Scrapbook number one. Auckland: Ron Sang, 2010.


Cast locally by T & E Foundries, Ngan’s wall sculpture for Automobile Association House was 48ft (14.63m) long, weighed around 1000lbs (453.6kg), and was backlit at night by concealed lighting. The connected circles symbolised mechanised wheels, while the linear patterns portrayed a roading system. One passerby commented, “I don’t like modern art but that looks like bits of car parts.”

In April 2000 Ngan noted that the work had been “mutilated”, possibly as it had been cut down to accommodate a verandah which had been added to the facade of the building.

The current whereabouts of this work is unknown.