Unknown [National Bank]


Guy Ngan

Lost - whereabouts unknown


  • Sculpture


  • Steel
  • Fibreglass
  • Zinc

Guy Ngan, 'Unknown [National Bank]' (1969), Morrinsville.

Source: 'Guy Ngan’s artwork in the Morrinsville Branch interior, The National Bank of New Zealand Ltd, 1974. ANZ New Zealand Archives. Ref: P04974-01'


Originally installed in the Thames branch of the National Bank, a news article in the Thames & Peninsula Gazette on 24 August 1976 states that the mural had been relocated to Morrinsville. A photograph of the Morrinsville National Bank branch from 1988 confirms this. A maquette of the mural gives a good sense of the overall design, suggesting the work consisted of two panels.

We haven’t been able to pin down what has happened to this work. Please get in touch you have any information.