Creation Banners


Gay Eaton

Otago Embroiderers' Guild



  • Textile Work


  • Textile


  • 7 Banners each H1510 x W580mm o/a, including Perspex frame

Gay Eaton & Members of the Otago Embroiderers' Guild, ‘Creation Banners’ (1986), Dunedin Public Hospital, Ōtepoti Dunedin

Image: Bronwyn Holloway-Smith, Public Art Heritage Aotearoa New Zealand, 2021


The banners were designed by Gay Eaton and embroidered by Members of the Otago Embroiderers' Guild. Materials donated by Nurses' Chapel Fund and the banners were gifted by Eaton and the Guild.

They are titled as follows:

1 - Light Will Shine On Your Ways
2 - Thy Mercy Is Great Above The Heavens
3 - The Earth Is The Lord's
4 - Sun, Moon And Stars Praise Him
5 - The Birds Of The Air And The Fish Of The Sea
6 - Thou Hast Crowned Man With Glory And Majesty
7 - And God Saw That It Was Good

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