Roman Numerals Series


Colin McCahon



  • Installation


  • Acrylic sheet (Perspex)


  • Ground floor (Roman C): H560 x W460 x D20mm; Level 1 (Roman Numeral I): H570 x W460 x D20mm; Level 2 (Roman Numeral II): H565 x W465 x D25mm; Level 3 (Roman Numeral III): H560 x W460 x D25mm; Level 4 (Roman Numeral IV): H560 x W462 x D25mm; Level 5 (Roman Numearl V): H560 x W460 x D20mm

Colin McCahon, 'Roman Numerals Series' (detail) (1975), Level 1, Building 505, Grafton Campus, University of Auckland.

Image: Bronwyn Holloway-Smith, Public Art Heritage Aotearoa New Zealand, 2021. Reproduced with permission courtesy of the Colin McCahon Research and Publication Trust.


A series of signs relating to each level of the building. Each sits in the lift foyer and opposite the Pat Hanly series: 'The Seven Ages of Man'.

Commissioned by Hamish Keith for the then new Medical School ‘Link’ Building.

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